Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things Layla Loves Right Now

At Seven Months Old the things Layla Loves 

Going Down the Slide 

Swinging On the Swings

Relaxing on the Couch

Playing on a Computer 

Standing Up Against Furniture 

 Playing in water 

Including Bath Time 

Doing Crunches 

Sleeping just like her mom 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

San Diego

****This is going to be a long post but pictures are below****
This year with my family we went to San Diego. We left on Friday May 30 and got back Saturday June 7. We flew there, which was a big thing since it was the first flight with Layla. We were very worried that Layla would be the one baby on a flight that would be crying the whole time. Luckily it is a short flight to California. Layla did great the whole flight. She ate, slept, played,pooped. Basically exactly what she does at home. We were very lucky that for both flights she did great. Tanner is the best person to fly with I think. He is so calm and he lets me take his air and cuddle with him and squeeze his hand really tight while there are moments of turbulence. Layla was giggling during the turbulence which was so cute. I am hoping that she loves flights for her whole time. My family gets very anxious when they fly so it was welcoming change when I married Tanner and had a calm presence with me on a flight. It made me much less anxious. Also, I never realized how much more stuff I would need to be taking on and off the flight with a baby. Between the diaper bag, stroller, car seat, blankets and then my own little carry on.
The first day that we were there we just checked in and got some food and drove from Long Beach to San Diego. The second day we were there we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It is a very large park and it was very warm. That was one of the warmest days while we were in California. Layla really liked getting to see the birds flying and then some other animals. She just was looking at everything going on around her. It was a great day.
The third day we went to church were Alec's friend is serving his mission. I think it was great that Alec got to see his friend that was on a mission. They are just the best of buddies. The missionaries were listening to the Vocal Point CD and Tanner said " Hey, that is me singing." The missionaries were so excited. It was like they were meeting a celebrity. After church we went to Balboa Park and walked around the gardens and just around to see what museums were free to go to. We did not find any that were free so we just walked passed many of them.  Layla got to play on the play ground while we were there and really enjoyed going down the slides with me.
The fourth day we went to Sea World. This was probably my favorite park that we went too. It was so much fun getting to see so many animals and getting to have more interactive activities getting to feed sting rays, getting to touch star fish, sea cucumbers, seeing the shows and going on the rides. It was so much fun. Layla really enjoyed the penguins and turtles. She slept through many of the shows and she is to little to go on rides. While Tanner and I went on one of the rides my dad got to hold Layla and she did not cry. This was big for Layla she is very shy so if Tanner or I are not the ones holding her she cries normally. It doesn't matter who it is that is holding her. But after a few days of seeing my family and hearing their voices she was able to warm up to them and not cry. I loved that she was able to get more comfortable with them.
The fifth day we went to the San Diego temple. My mom and Tanner stayed outside with the girls. My dad was able to be inside with all of his kids and one son-in-law. It was a great experience for our family to be in the temple together. After the temple we took pictures. We left the temple and went to change to go down to mission beach, Belmont Park and the Mormon Battalion. It was such a nice day to walk on the beach. The Mormon Battalion has changed so much since the last time we were there. They have videos, interactive activities and some kids activities.
The sixth day we went to the San Diego Zoo. This is a huge park. I cannot believe how large it is and how many hills there are to hike up and down. It was so much fun getting to see the animals there. It makes the Hoggle Zoo look like it does not have any animals in it. The first thing we did when we got there was rode one of the bus tours so that we could see the whole park and then find out where we wanted to start and what we wanted to see. We got to see so many different animals from hippos to polar bears, elephants, koalas and so so so much more.
The seventh day the boys went down to Tijuana to visit Andrews mission and the girls went shopping. We ended up shopping for much longer than we thought but we still had fun I think. It was a little crazy with the little girls but we were able to do it.
Then on our last day there we went to the beach. It was so much fun being at the beach and letting Layla put her feet in the sand and water. It was also very nice that Tanner and I had a little time to walk on the beach just the two of us. We also barried Alec in the sand, and all the guys went our into the ocean and played for a little while until the waves started getting to strong and the life guard told them to come in. The life guard also came by and told us to not dig a hole to deep. Then we took the missionaries out to dinner and then headed back to the beach for some campfire and s'mores. Then we flew home that next afternoon.

***There will be a lot of pictures and hopefully I can keep them in order of the days***